Wi-Fi (WPA or WPA2) Cracker Online service

Send in your Wi-Fi wirelesss WPA and WPA2 handshakes to be cracked.

This service is a GPU intensive and highly effective cracking one that can be used by penetration testers and network auditors to verify the security of their WPA/WPA2-PSK protected wireless networks.

Running these attacks on normal PCs can take weeks to months (maybe years). Instead this service offers for a limited time a powerful system with several GPU crads that will run your handshake capture against the a set of wordlists of your choice, providing the password in hours or a day.

What you need to crack your Wi-Fi network?

Just your WPA handshake and the wordlist you want to run against it and no registration is required.

NOTE: This service is for penetration testing of your own wireless networks ONLY and not for illegal purposes.

We request you not to use this service for cracking others’ passwords and we take no responsibility for that.

File (*.cap):

ESSID (optional):

BSSID (optional):

Your Email (required to send the password)

8 Digit ( 100M Passwords)Common ()US English ( 1G Passwords)Multilingual ( 1G Passwords)Ukrain Mobile ( 120M Passwords)Malaysian Mobile ( 410M Passwords)9 Digit ( 1G Passwords)10 Digit ( 10 G Passwords)11 Digit ( 100 G Passwords)8 HEX lowercase ( 4 G Passwords)8 HEX uppercase ( 4 G Passwords)8 lowercase ( 209 G Passwords)8 uppercase ( 209 G Passwords)9 HEX lowercase ( 69 G Passwords)9 HEX uppercase ( 69 G Passwords)10 HEX lowercase ( 1100 G Passwords)10 HEX uppercase ( 1100 G Passwords)12 Digit ( 1000 G Passwords)8 upper reduced ( 55 G Passwords)10 HEX lower reduced ( 289 G Passwords)8 lower + digits ( 2821 G Passwords)8 upper + digits ( 2821 G Passwords)8 lower reduced ( 110 G Passwords)

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